Creative Kids LOVE the Art & Logic Games. Parents & Teachers LOVE the results.

Dyslexia Games "Art & Logic" Therapy Videos

Use these 12 Videos in combination with Dyslexia Games Activity Books, Series A - Books 1 - 6 Classical Music & Creative Visual Learning Demonstrations to Help Dyslexic Kids to overcome reading problems!

How to Use the Therapy Videos with Your Child:

1. Set up an activity table and have a fine point black marker available along with some art supplies, like clay and colored markers. Print the first few worksheets from book one of Dyslexia Games Series A, "Art First".
2. Have your child watch the Art & Logic video. These videos will help your child to learn how to use the Dyslexia Games Workbooks correctly. They do not need to watch them every time, just each time they start a new workbook.
3. Have the child spend time at the activity table working on Dyslexia Games and other creative activities.